Clear View Fencing (Clear Vu) is arguably taking over the South African fencing industry. The way the fence was created is with security in mind, from being able to have a clear view of your premises to intruders being unable to cut or break through the fence. The reason for clear view fencings popularity and security is due to the small appertures within the fence. You can decide how big or small these appertures are and how effective they might be in warding off anyone trespassing on your property.

Our fencing product range has undergone various forms of rigorous testing to ensure that it remains intact and provides the highest level of perimeter security. Our welded mesh Clearview Fence is universally accepted as one of the most secure fencing products on the market. The benefits of such a fence far outway the use of outdated fencing products such as chain link and palisade fencing. We are leading the industry with our unmatched product, supplier and installation experience.

Clearview fence product solutions


clearview fence packages

Here at we believe in providing the highest quality products for our clients, whether it be a residential or commercial property we will always have you covered and all our fencing products come with a guarantee of atleast 10 years. Do not hesitate to contact us for any questions or queries you may have regarding clearview (vu) fencing. Our fencing products are not only suitable for security based applications but may also used for access control, pedestrian control, pool fencing, agricultural uses and to enclose large areas of land, such as game reserves and lodges.

We not only install and manufacture our own fencing we also supply to the entirety of Africa with many properties from Mozambique to Zimbabwe we have provided our products to many happy customers. Our main objective is to deliver fairly priced and high quality fencing to our customers in South Africa, our fencing is Proudly South African! To request an obligation free quote from one of our experienced team members, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. We perform site visits on request to ensure that your Clear View Fencing project is correctly planned out.


Clearview galvanised costing


Most cost-effective option. All panels are avalable in either light or heavy galvanised finishing.

Clearview polyester powder coating

Polyester Powder

Polyester powder is both UV resistant and allows you to coat your panels in a color of your choice.

clearview fusion bond

Fusion Bond

The addition of a zinc enriched primer allows for added protection and durability in coastal regions.

clearview fence pvc coating

PVC / Plascoat

Plascoat coating offers an upmarket feel it it. The PVC adds extra strength to the fencing product.


We offer a variety of different security add-ons that can be utiliused to further increase your perimiter protections. These system additionals include Shear-off nuts and bolts, anti-tamper screws, multi and maxi spikes, electric fencing, CCTV and barbed wire.

fencing addon shear off nuts and bolts

Shear-off Nuts & Bolts

The effective shear-off ability allows these bolts to prevent any removal of a fencing section.

fencing anti tamper security screws

Anti-tamper Screws

Anti-tamper screws prevent unwanted removal and tampering of the key fencing components.

fencing multi maxi spikes addon

Multi & Maxi Spikes

The spike addition allows your fencing to become more secure. We have various options to use.

fencing electrified addon clearview

Electric Fencing

Electric fencing can be added to the top or can be applied against the clearview fencing structure.


clearview fencing price list

The cost of Clear View Fencing will always depend on 3 main aspects:

  1. The cost of material required. Generally you are looking at a starting cost of R585 per meter, excluding VAT and Install.
  2. The cost of installation. Highly dependant on the size of the perimiter to be enclosed.
  3. Additonal coating or security options that we have available. Please request a quote to determine the exact costing for your project.